Grada FANS RMCF was born in 2014 in the spirit of binding together all the madridistas that want to support the team relentlessly both in Santiago Bernabéu and outside the stadium. It wants to welcome all madridistas that believe in an animation without violence, politics, racism and intolerance, open to all ages and with an only feeling: MADRIDISMO


The Club, Real Madrid C.F, has promoted this project of this new animation stand. Real Madrid oversees, coordinates and participates in his management using the Comité de Grada.

Every group that participates in the Grada and each individual member of it SIGNS a commitment with the Club that obligates him to fulfill a series of conditions collected in a CONTRACT, highlighting:

  • To support relentlessly the team
  • To collaborate in the administration of the Grada
  • To renounce to violence and the expression of racist, homophobic or intolerant ideas and messages
  • To renounce to using the Grada as a plaftorm to display political ideologies
  • To respect the members of the Club and the partners in the Grada

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The Grada has now a capacity of 1.800 people that are placed in two sectors in the Grada Baja, just behind the goal posts, in the South Stand. From 2015 to 2017 was located in the 3rd and 4th stands of the same South Stand. Grada FANS RMCF is formed by members of dozens of different peñas (fan groups).

In order to promote a better organization and development of the Grada, their members are distributed in four sections. The managers of the coordination of those four sections are the four organizations (peñas) with more experience and members in the Grada: Primavera Blanca, Peña Veteranos, Peña La Clásica and North Fans.


The inscription is done via peñas or associations recognized by the Club. The participation in Grada FANS implies the sign of a contract and the commitment with the conditions fixed by the Club.

Each organization or peña member of the Grada is responsible of the observance for all their members in the Grada of those conditions stated by the Club, signining for that purpose each organization their own commitment with the Club.

In summer of 2014, every Peña madridista received an official communication from the club inviting all of them to be part of the project. Over 40 of them answered the invitation of the Club, committing themselves as an organization with the functioning conditions of the Grada, and answering the commitment of the rules for the madridistas that each peña proposed to the Club to be part of Grada FANS. The final admission of the members of the Grada is a decision taken by the Club.

The price of the electronic season ticket for the Grada for the current season is the same as last season, and also the same price that it had the former Grada Joven, placed in the lowest balcony of the South Stand, while Grada FANS is located in the third and fourth balcony of that South Stand.

There is a number of commitments and restrictions that makes different the electronic season ticket of the Grada from the regular electronic season ticket. The most relevant are:

  • The obligation of standing up and supporting the team the full match, since before it begins until the end.
  • The impossibility of leaving the Grada to other stands of the stadium in the half time.
  • The obligation of dressing in white colors to access the Grada.
  • The inability of lending your own season ticket.
  • The entrance and control access to each match using your digital print.
  • A limited number of absences to matches per year.
  • To transfer your ticket to the Club when your are absent, not receiving any economical compensation in this process.

The failing of the fulfillment of those obligations enables the Club to retire the right of using the season ticket of the Grada any time. Having an electronic season ticket, valid each one for only the current season, does not implies it will be renewed next season.


The functioning of the Grada is managed thanks to the Comité de Grada (Grada Committee).

The Comité de Grada is composed by:
– Two representatives of the Club.
– Representatives chosen by the four main organizations of the Grada. It is expected to incorporate more members chosen by the other peñas when they get more experience and implication in the coordination of the Grada.

The Comité de Grada discusses and decides about general aspects of the animation, organization, travels, tifos, etc, and also about other non-planned situations or instances that could happen.

Their members of the Comité are gathered in a regular basis. Their meetings have a deliberate purpose in order to discuss the ideas and proposals of each group. In the meetings the Comité de grada analyzes and rates the animation of each match and plans and coordinates the execution of future activities.


Grada FANS RMCF should always be at full capacity. In order to accomplish that goal, the Grada FANS have an own system to manage the exceptional vacant places that the members with electronic season ticket of the Grada originate when they can not go to the Grada in a certain match due to personal reasons.

Each group and peña of the grada manages the list of the members that transfer the seats in the sector that they coordinate and also the members of their group or peña that are candidates to be in the seats of the Grada transferred in each match. If there are more requests than actual transfers the Club can assign tickets if there are free places in other sections of the Grada.

In the previous days before each match, each group and peña sends their list of transfers and requests to the Club, and the Club answers their petitions according to the availability. The list should have the detailed data of every fan request. Once the Club answers, each group should communicate to each member who requested if he or she will be able to go or not.

The transfer tickets are sold EXCLUSIVELY by the Club, in certain ticket offices of the stadium. The stuff member of the Club will require to present the ID or personal identification to check that the person who requests to buy the ticket to be in Grada FANS is part of the list approved by the Club.

Every ticket is personalized with the name of the fan printed in the ticket together with the number of the sector of the Grada where he or she should go. Due to the fact that those fans have not their digital print registered, the stuff members that control the access will require their ID or personal identification to check that the fan that wants to access is the same as it says in the name printed in the ticket.

In the current season there are established prices (25€, or between 45€ and 70€ for the top matches) for these transfer tickets, that are fixed depending of the importance of the match, being the lowest tier of 25€ the usual fee for most of the matches, except a few reductions and exceptions if the Comité de Grada decides it (such as firsts rounds of Copa del Rey matches, for example).

The increased price for the top marches is proportional to the rise of the price of regular tickets in those special matches. As we stated, a Grada Fan member with a season ticker does not receive any money when he transfers his place when he is not able to go: it is his or her obligation and not fulfilling it enables the Club to retire the right of using his or her season ticket of the Grada.

Of the total price of those ticket paid in the ticket offices, one portion is destined to pay the V.A.T. The Club deposits the remaining money in a bank account of the Grada, MANAGED EXCLUSIVELY BY THE CLUB, using those funds to help to pay trips and tifos.


The trips to support the team in away matches are decided by the Comité de Grada. They are financed by the funds of every group or peña, the funds of the bank account of the Grada managed by the Club and the funds that each Fan that travels has to pay.

Once gathered at least there proposals for the trip, the Comité de Grada presents them to the club, with the budget of each trip programmed. In every proposal is detailed the number of members that will participate, the proposal of funding the costs and the amount of money that each Fan who travels should pay. Once the Club approves the budget, the means of transportation are contracted and justified to the club, like every other spending that the trip incurs, to be financed with the funds stated previously.

Since the beginning of this season, we are working on the creation of sections of FANS RMCF in different places of Spain, Europe and around the world, to add their enthusiasm to our members when we travel to support the team and in order to help those sections to join us in the Grada FANS when they travel to Madrid to visit Santiago Bernabéu. So far, we have the satisfactory experience of FANS RMCF Alemania-Austria. 




Tifos are also decided in the Comité de Grada. Several proposals are made by the different fan groups for the most important matches of the season. In special moments, tifos or mosaics that involve other sections of the South Stand or the full stadium are also proposed.

Once a proposal is chosen the execution is planned. That execution could last weeks and is realized using several volunteer job turns, formed by the members of the different fan groups that are part of the Grada FANS.

The materials that are bought to create the tifo are financed by the funds of each fan group and with funds obtained by the money obtained of the transfer seat system (with the account being managed by the Club).



The Grada FANS RMCF has the vocation of growing in members and space in the stadium whenever it is possible. In the Grada there are a lot of socios (Real Madrid members), being part of the different organizations and peñas of the Grada, but there are also madridistas that not being Real Madrid members have been endorsed by the organizations and peñas that form the Grada.

In the future growth of the Grada it will be absolutely essential to have madridistas that want to support the team. But having created this space of cohabitation, fun, totally alien of violence and intolerance, and with only madridista spirit, makes us sure than in the next years the Grada will include all the current kids and young members of Real Madrid.

We are determined to create the best Bernabéu. A stadium that will be there when all of us that conducted this project will be gone. But we project our sight and with it our enthusiasm in its future.