FANS RMCF Alemania/Austria

Rellenar FANS INTERNACIONAL en 28 julio, 2016






La sección Fans RMCF Alemania-Austria, compuesta por 411 FANS alemanes y austriacos de Primavera Blanca, es la primera sección oficial de Fans RMCF Internacional. Nacida en marzo de 2016 con 23 miembros, la sección sigue creciendo gracias al compromiso y la dedicación de sus Fans, totalmente integrados en la dinámica de la Grada y comprometidos con el proyecto. Ésta es la visión de los protagonistas:


“What does it actually mean to be madridista? In our opinion, it is a mix of pride, passion and community. It is a desire to stand behind Real Madrid, the club of our hearts, now and in the future. The madridismo is part of fans’ everyday life all over the planet and thus there should be some hot spots for them.






Back then, our founder became acquainted with some good friends from Madrid, which have been part of the Fans RMCF with Primavera Blanca. All of a sudden, the idea of starting a big project came to his mind. The aim of this project is to become the largest Real Madrid fan base, not simply a fan club! We want to be part of the outstanding Fans RMCF, who support our team loudly in every home game, on the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu Fondo Sur, as well as in several away games.



These Fans RMCF are a great example for fan bases worldwide. By following strictly defined principles, they are supporting the club wholeheartedly, both in good and bad times. Amongst other things, their negative view against all forms of violence is set. Looking around, this is not obvious everywhere. This is just one reason why we fully support the project and why we try our best to sustain the Fans RMCF. Additionally, we want our section Germany/Austria to rise, of course.

Our section was founded on March 10, 2016 and we are constantly growing. Starting with 23 people in order to have a solid base it was easy to grow to 50 members, as of July 2016. Since we only want to gather crazy madridistas from Germany and Austria, our members are selected in a strict way. It is not enough to be a big fan. You also agree to know every chant by heart if you want to take part in our group.


There have also been some highlights since the beginning, of course: in April, sixteen of us were supporting our team at the UCL quarterfinals in Wolfsburg. We managed to get appreciation from lots of other madridistas and created an amazing atmosphere in the city. Furthermore, six of us were supporting the team in Madrid when they played Manchester City in the final leg of the UCL semifinals. It was an incredible and unforgettable feeling to sing on the Grada Animación, not only because we could chant our team to the final, taking place in Milan.


Basically, that is how Real Madrid led us to Italy. There is no exaggeration when stating that it was the best day of our lives since our group was founded. Some of us were in Milan to watch the game at the outdoor screening. Some of us were meeting in Hamburg in order to create a magic atmosphere and to celebrate La Undécima together.

Looking at our presentation, you can see one word standing out: together! Community is the most crucial aspect and is the basic thought of our section. Even if our members live in every possible place of Germany and Austria, we are a great community, which feels like a family. All for each and each for all, simple as that.

We are incredibly proud of being part of something that big and will always follow the interests of the Fans RMCF as well as Real Madrid in a conscientious way.



Andreas Leoniw, leader of Fans RMCF Alemania/Austria and FANS RMCF EUROPE coordinator